Phomi advocates the best practices in the Green movement. Their production process and products has the industry's favorable score on 3 green indicators namely: no noise, no smoke and low energy consumption , the perfect products for a healthy and clean environment in homes. 

Phomi, a Modified Clay Material (MCM) is made of unfired clay and patented under the Private Coordination Treaty (PCT) Protocol in August, 2013. It has been marketed to the global market since 2014, currently has different range of products for interior and exterior use, which also includes floorings and cladding applications. Phomi is a unique product that meets every application in the eco-friendly construction industry. It's lightweight, flexible, waterproof and non-slip.

Phomi is offering an eco-friendly material that is creating a new modern interpretation of contemporary design. It is already a globally recognized brand in a carbon neutral environment. It combines traditional materials (clay) with new technology to create an innovative and timeless material. This sustainable and futuristic decor caters to the designers of the new millenium.

It is certified with ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management System). These certifications helped them become a leader in the field of unfired flexible clay material.