Q. What do you manufacture?

          A. EZ Rocks Co., Inc. manufactures a full line of lightweight synthetic stone products. These stones are cast in special imported molds that were taken from selected natural stones, using a process that replicates even the faintest detail of the original stone. 

Q. What are they made of?

          A. Our stones are composed of color and texture using our unique combinations of Iron oxide manufactured stones look and feel like real stones.

Q. Will the stone products fade?

          A. Our colors are integrally part of the stones and are applied during the casting process. They are colorfast because there is color throughout the entire stone structure.

Q. Will the same stone appear repeatedly in typical installation?

          A. EZ Rocks are cast from hundreds of individual molds eliminating repetition. No two stones are reproduced with exact same coloring.

Q. How long will EZ rocks last?

          A. Our stones will last as long as it is applied properly using correct masonry practices.

Q. How are they sold?

          A. Flat pieces are sold by square meter and corner pieces by linear meter.


Q. Can the stones be applied over other surfaces such as brick or other materials?

          A. Yes.


Q. Can EZ rocks can be used on fireplace or the wall behind a free standing stove?

          A. Yes. EZ rocks are a non-combustible material.


Q. What kind of surface is necessary in order to use our manufactures stones?

          A. Our products may be applied over any properly  prepared, clean, untreated, structurally sound wall surfaces such as wood, wallboard, masonry or metal. The masonry wall should be steel-trowel finished.     

Q. Can EZ rocks be used for exterior and interior applications?

          A. Yes. EZ rocks are suitable for both interior and exterior application. If frequently exposed to water, we recommend using a non-film forming breather type flat or matte-finish masonry sealer.

Q. Should i color the mortar?

          A. Our stones are enhanced when mortar is tinted to complement or match the stone color.

Q. Can the manufactured stones be cut?

          A. Yes. Our stones are easily trimmed using masonry blade with a circular saw.

Q. Is any maintenance required?

          A. Occasional washing to remove surface dust and dirtis all that is required. Using soap and water with a soft brush is all that is needed to remove any dirt.

Q. How many products are available?

          A. EZ Rocks Co., Inc. carries different stone profiles/styles with over 40 color palettes.