EZ Rocks are fast and easy to install, no additional footings or special bricks ledges or ties are required. The saves installation time as well as cost, making it he better choice than natural stone. EZ Rocks can be installed on almost any wall surface as wood, wallboard, masonry or metal. Please follow these simple instructions to properly install EZ Rocks.


Wall surface must always be rough to ensure better adhesion of EZ Rocks. For new construction, have the wall steel-trowelled of raked. Finished or painted masonry walls must be roughened either through chipping or cutting vertical and horizontal lines on it. Use a hand-held circular saw with masonry blade to do this. A metal or wire lath with scratch coat is needed for walls such as wood or fiber cement board.


​Use tile adhesive and mix with portland cement. Add water slowly until a paste-like consistency is achieved. 


Cover the entire back of EZ Rocks with about 1/2 inch of mortar and press it firmly into the wall, making sure to squeeze out some mortar around its edges.

Corner stones should be installed first, starting from the top down. Alternate the long and short legs of the corner stones in opposite directions. Apply flat stones starting from the outside and working towards the center of the wall. Make sure to alternate small and long pieces only when necessary (use broken pieces for this purpose). Always put level or chalk lines on the wall surface to serve as guide in installing the stones.


For some EZ Rocks profiles that are best installed with joints, prepared a colored grout mix that compliments your stone color. Using a grout bag, squeeze the grout mixture to fill the joints between stones. Dry the grout until firm but not solid then use a jointing tool or stick to compress and set the grout into place around the stones. Brush off excess grout or mortar with a whisk broom or soft bristled brush and clean the stones.


If desired, a matte-finish breathable penetrating masonry sealer maybe used as top coat for EZ Rocks. Make sure to test the sealer first on a single stone to see the result and follow manufacturer's instructions. You can use EZ Rocks sealer for this purpose.