Stone texture plaster that has excellent adhesion, water resistance, and durability based on a durable water soluble acrylic resin which is composed of natural silica sand and special flakes to provide special color and texture like real marble and natural stone.



For interior and exterior finishing materials such as schools, hospitals, hotels, villas, condominiums, houses and public buildings

Paintable Target Surface

Concrete, Cement mortar etc.




Drying Time (at 25c)

Touch Dry

Complete Dry

Within 2 hrs.

Over 24 hrs.

Number of Painting

1 time

Painting Method


Must use Stainless Steel Trowel

Dilute Agent


Dilution ratio (1%)

Within 3%


Theoretical Application Amount

2-8 ~ 3.2 kg/m2

Critetior of Dried film

Thickness: 1mm


painting instruction

Surface Treatment

  • Oil, moisture and other contaminants on the surface must be completely removed before painting.

  • The joints of grooves and cracks on the surface are smoothed with a special putty.

Painting Condition

  • To avoid construction on cold days (atmospheric temperature 5c or less)

Painting Method

  • If the painting target surface is newly constructed concrete or mortar side (surface), check the curing condition (pH 7~9) of the construction side (surface). According to the surface, it is should be judged whether the primer should be applied or not before the application of stone plaster.

  • By applying primer, you can prevent uneven color and bleaching on the surface.

  • When a foreign material of steel is present on the surface, it should be removed from the surface before application.

  • The paint should be mixed uniformly by using a hand mixer.

  • In order to prevent the rust of iron powder from painting tools, stainless steel trowel must be used.

  • The plastering thickness should be controlled evenly. (Normally, the plastic joints are used)

  • Even if it is sunny, do not work if there is weather forecast of rain in 24 hours.

  • Remove the masking tape before the product is dried after the work is finished.

  • The contaminated area must be cleaned before the paint is dried.




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