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The product colors you see are as accurate as current photography and printing techniques allow. We suggest you look at product samples before you select colors.
All products on this page have been applied with our Wet Look Gloss sealer. Please click here to see actual photos of stones with and without sealer.

Wood design is so versatile and aesthetically delightful that's why we created a design that will fit every wood lover's imagination into reality. This is 100% made of concrete materials but looks and feels like real wood. No need to worry about wood borers. 

Are you getting ready to design a new project? Neutral colors are far from boring. Choosing a neutral decorating scheme can benefit you in numerous ways. The use of brighter neutrals gives your room a more open, clean, and breezy look. Muted or darker neutrals can give a space a cozier, but streamlined appearance. Our Neutral Stone Series has five wall cladding profiles which are Travertine Rock, Minimalist, Rinsing Rock, Rock Face, and Scallop Edge. These stone profiles will make your space appealing because they're calming, fresh, classy and will give your space a sophisticated look.

Natural Stone Series has three wall cladding profiles namely Fitted Ledge, Nature Stone, and Rumblestone. They are a blend of elegance, durability, and style direct from Mother Nature and are most appreciated for their timeless qualities. The distinctive beauty of Natural Stone can add elegance to your home. The true beauty is unique, with a wonderful array of color, tone, texture, and beautiful patterns, varying from surface to surface, making each tile unique.

Bamboo has the remarkable ability to create an “ambient”, in the artistic sense of the term. In many modern shopping centers and office buildings around the world, bamboo’s stately elegance makes it a cherished component of architectural design.

With our 3D Stone Profiles, you can create the illusion of flowing abstract waves. This optical illusion gives any room a contemporary look while adding a compelling design and with its minimalist color palette, it’s an ideal backdrop for where you want a bit of oomph without overwhelming the space.

Classis Stone Series has 12 stone profiles embodying a rich texture and uneven profile. From a unique combination of protruding thick and thin ledge pieces, square-shaped and rectangular stones with a split-face appearance to irregular shapes and sizes adding drama to rustic and contemporary designs. 

We see tiles almost everywhere but forgetting to layer in texture can lead to a space that feels incomplete! Concrete Tiles Series is a design trend that excites our senses while taking a room’s style to another dimension! It’s a simple way to turn any space from ‘missing something’ to ‘must-see’.

Brick Stone Series offers lasting value and can be both simple and plain, fancy and thrilling, and extremely versatile. We'll help you bring a beautiful brick project to your spaces with our Brick profiles.

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